Anewow was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective, to offer Designer HeadWraps at revolutionary prices. It all started from my hometown in Limpopo a north-most province of South Africa. Growing up in that town was a challenge for my family as we came from a Middle Class background but a one who has always been proud of its Traditional Values. I have seen HeadWraps being used for the traditional head covering of the ladies back in the days and now its a Trend. That’s how the journey of us selling HeadWraps began and we thought why couldn’t we sell this to the world?

With my love for Fashion and passion for Self-Expression, I traveled through many modern cities like New York, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Seoul and met many in clothing, fabric and fashion influenced people. Now what was needed was a good team and to turn visions into reality.

Finally i was destined to start my venture & met people who was exactly like me, shared the same passion, enthusiasm and the WILL to do something. That’s how ANEWOW HeadWraps started its Journey by forming a team of 7 designers.

We started offering Luxury trendy African inspired fashion & accessories at affordable prices. All our garments are made with unique premium fabric. We have a commitment to ourselves that we’ll keep brining elegant HeadWraps for our customers because in the end elegance is only beauty that never fades.

ANEWOW MISSION is to enhance your beauty instantly and economically.

Anewow is a luxury afro-centric brand inspired by the culture and traditions of Africa. Every product created is handpicked by us. Each head wrap is hand sewed and exquisitely made.
Keeping in mind the fashion requirements, every head wrap is made to protect and style your hair effortlessly. Wearing a head wrap isn’t all that difficult. It’s a time saviour, wrap it on your head, and you’re good to go. Anewow head wraps aren’t just ordinary head wraps but the real protectors of your hair from damage and you can enjoy the most cost-effective products in our store.

The satin lined material is “Breathable, Flexible and Gentle” on your hair, all contributing to maintaining your perfect hairstyle while retaining moisture. Great for laying down wedges and absorbing moisture.

Every girl desires multiple headwears for different hair styles. Anewow is not a hit on your pocket for being beautiful. We care about your beauty and wallet.

That is what we bring to hope you are inspired and continue to support a small business. Headwraps brings out the beautiful you. We aspire to inspire women to wear brighter colors, take charge, stand a little taller, and laugh a little louder.

Welcome to the Anewow Headwraps Family!
Enjoy your shopping experience with us!

Contact - info@anewow.com, marketing@anewow.com

RM. 2, 3/F., Ruby Commercial Building, 480 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong., Zip code:999077