3rd Anniversary

3rd Anniversary


Anewow was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective, to offer Designer HeadWraps at revolutionary prices. It all started from my hometown in Limpopo a north-most province of South Africa. Growing up in that town was a challenge for my family as we came from a Middle Class background but a one who has always been proud of its Traditional Values. I have seen HeadWraps being used for the traditional head covering of the ladies back in the days and now its a Trend. That’s how the journey of us selling designer HeadWraps began and we thought why couldn’t we sell this to the world?

With my love for Fashion and passion for Self-Expression, I traveled through many modern cities like New York, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Seoul and met many in clothing, fabric and fashion influenced people. Now what was needed was a good team and to turn visions into reality.

Finally it was Hong Kong where i was destined to start my venture from. I met someone who was exactly like me, shared the same passion, enthusiasm and the WILL to do something. That’s how ANEWOW HeadWraps started its Journey by forming a team of 7 designers.

We started offering Luxury trendy African inspired fashion & accessories at affordable prices. All our garments are made with various unique premium fabric. We have a commitment to ourselves that we’ll keep brining elegant HeadWraps for our customers because in the end elegance is only beauty that never fades.

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