Wrap Visor-AW3044

Wrap Visor-AW3044

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This visor offers the flexibility of a turban.

It can be worn in different ways but especially with all types of hair. No need to wear dreadlocks, it will be just as good on a short or long hairstyle and perfect with an afro hairstyle ...

You just have to wrap it around your head and tie it like a turban (see the video for example) but you can also play with the headband to create unique styles.

One size fits all: Adapts to all head sizes.

Length: ~ 180cm
Height: ~ 10 cm
Width of the visor: 6.5 cm

Exterior: Cotton
Interior: Satin

The interior is lined in satin to take care of your hair always a little more ...
[Benefits of Satin]
The satin helps to keep your hair hydrated and helps prevent frizz and small dust that collects in the hair. locks . (unlike a raw cotton which dries out your hair, attacks the hair surface and produces a lot of dust which ends up accumulating inside the locs )

Technical sheet

Interior Satin Lining
  • Yes
  • Medium (6.5cm)
Outer material
  • Cotton
Head measurement
  • Unique size