Creative Open Crown Headbands( Fixed Star)-AW3098

Creative Open Crown Headbands( Fixed Star)-AW3098

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Women's headbands are one of the most promising accessories that give you a radiant look in a fraction of seconds.  A headband generally consists of a loop of elastic material or a horseshoe-shaped piece of flexible plastic or metal. Our women's headbands come in assorted shapes and sizes for comfortable everyday use.

Our headband range is loaded with personalised features like

  • Face adaptive wire adjusting feature
  • Soft textured
  • Hand made

Our stretch headbands includes wire-adjusting feature that allows you to shape the headband in various combinations that gives an instant boost to your golden face ratio by adapting itself according to your face adaptive style.

An uplifted golden ratio face proportions looks into the geometric proportions of facial features and changes the face look based on the distance between eyes, nose, lips, etc. All our products are crafted keeping in mind the dimensions of an individual’s face.

What makes our headbands brighter is the shine of soft satin fabric that blends well with your skin tone. Our satin headband is soft in feel and grand in texture that allows your hair to breathe and makes you carry an effortless look.

They come in assorted shapes and sizes and are used for both fashion and practical or effective purposes. Our stretch headbands pour in strength and divert attention towards the golden ratio face proportions.

Satin headbands allow your skin to breathe. We also use the satin fabric in our African headscarves because they absorb moisture and give your hair a radiant and free flowing looks.

Designer handmade premium kente head-wraps from ANewow / If you are looking for comfort and style that saves time and effort, try the new Head wraps. They are the most convenient and easy way to give a fine finish to your attire. It is a piece of clothing accessory that is worn in the hair or around the forehead, usually to hold hair away from the face or eyes. You have an option to choose from designer head wraps to ordering a customised head wrap at Anewow.  These head-wraps are all with an elastic cap or elastic edge that makes it easy to be fixed on our head, giving you multiple choices to drape them in a manner that suits all your styles. These elastic edges in our designer head wraps allow it to be adjusted according to your face. They give an instant lift to your golden face ratio.  We ensure the use of the most delicate fabric, Satin in all our head wraps so that the softness and comfort is so lightweight that you will forget you have it on. The head wrap are easy to fit and give a smooth finish.   The satin line head wrap ensure  Reduced Frizz, Breakages And Split Ends Promote hair Growth And Volume Maintain Your Hairstyle For Longer  PERFECT SIZE: 51 x 3.54 inches; MATERIAL:  Waxed Cotton &  Satin Inner FEATURE: Effortless Wearing & suitable for everyday use  Age Group: 16-70 yrs  All of the stretch head wrap can be worn with absolute minimal time and effort.  Another added advantage of these good length head wraps is that they cover all hair length and styles and the eye catchy design allows you to stand out in the crowd.


    We manufacture our product with utmost credibility. You just need to order and try it in the comfort of your home. Your trust in our product is our strength…Still, if it fails to meet up to your expectation, you can return the same (with the same trust) to us within 14 days