1. What is Mysterious gift box?
          A:Mysterious gift box is a box that full of unknown,you will only know it when you open.                                                                                                (Clue:it's wearable. :D)

  2. How can I get Mysterious gift box?
          A:When your order is more than $90 .We will send you one box. 

  3. How many boxes can I get at most?
           A:Every one can only get one per day. 
    (In fact, there will be opportunities in the future.)

  4. Do I need to pay extra for the box?
          A:Of course not.It is a free gift for our loyal customers. 

  5. When can I get the box?
         A:The box is shipped with the goods.When you receive your goods,you will receive the gift,too.


If you have more question,please contact us with email:anewow@hotmail.com



                                                                                                                      Happy Halloween!

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