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Accessories are a way to make a small wardrobe feel big. That means they can be great for looking good on a budget while looking out for the environment. The bonus is that the right accessories can last a long time and add a level of personality and uniqueness to your style that clothing alone rarely can.

So what accessories should you go for and how can you get the most out of them? 

1.) Jewellery - Necklaces and Earrings 

The perfect pair of jewellery can add finishing touch to any outfit, western or ethnic. There are a variety of jewellery that can go with different outfits and face shape. If you want to stand out of the crowd, you have to choose the best jewellery that not only matches your outfit but also looks gorgeous on your face.

Your dress game may be on point, but if you intend to make your face the star of the show, grab a pair of our jewellery.

If you are ready to make changes to your existing collection, upgrade your jewelry with some timeless Anewow jewellery that will look great for more than a season. You can still keep your old jewelry, but upgrade to a quality look that will serve you well in any setting. 

Our Gold plated earrings and necklaces are an easy way to style all outfits. Understanding the love for gold Jewelry and the need for specific Jewelry for different outfits and occasions, we are here with an overwhelming range of gold plated necklaces and earrings.

There are unlimited ways on how you can wear them because there are tons of styles, colors and designs that can easily allow you to express yourself.

Our next collection, Anewow funky jewellery, can be the thing that draws attention to an outfit. It can become a dance or dirge in fashion when it comes to our jewellery. It is best to break out the expensive jewels because this is often the statement piece for the outfit.  


2.) Chokers - Everyone knows that the 90s grunge fashion of chokers is back with a vengeance and showing no signs of going anywhere soon. While it might be a new trend for western fashion, chokers have always been a predominant necklace style. In fact there is pictographic proof of several royal ladies wearing the necklace style. In the world of fashion and style, such strokes of class are a must to look utterly fabulous. Chokers are one such way to get that look. Recent days have seen chokers making a comeback with quite a bang in the fashion world. Everyone who anyone is wearing this trend with aplomb. Theyre more like just close to neck area, very light, making your collarbones highlighted in a flattering way.


3.) Collars - There is one over-the-top style that seems to be continuously getting more popular : cool statement collars. Whether it be part of the shirt or a detachable iteration, a funky collar adds a touch of playfulness to any ensemble. On the runways, oversized collars have been gaining momentum over the past few seasons. Collars are classic ; they've been around for a long, long time. According to Paolini, the New York-based label's Ziggy collars have been worn over tees, dresses, and coats.  


4.) Head-wraps with matching Masks It's 2020 and we're now matching our face masks to our head wraps. One of the most unpredicted trends for this season is fashion masks coordinating head wraps. We have head wraps with matching face masks to stay safe in style. A face mask can be both a must-have accessory and a way to stop the spread of viral particles. Whatever your reason for wearing a mask, it can still be fashionable. If you choose to wear a mask, you can express yourself while you protect yourself. We have started this trend as we were looking to upcycle our left-over fabric and ensure we are practicing a sustainable approach to reduce fashion waste.  

Mask with headwraps

5.) Head bands - Headbands are very popular when it comes to slaying a vintage look. It's one of the best hair accessories for girls which never goes out of style. Be it the task of holding our tresses back or adding jazz to a regular outfit, a pretty hairband or headband can do it all. An occasion is made brighter and happier with bows. The same whimsy is true for bow hairbands. It's a part of hair accessory for girls which is adorably cute. You add these with any outfit and you've got yourself a fun look for everyday styling, brunch dates, party plans and so on. The only part where you need to tread lightly with bow hairbands is the type. There are so many to pick from. Velvet ones compliment a messy high-bun while a satin one will add class to loose hair alongside a cute mini-dress. 


6.)Our hair hoop headbands are stretchable and elastic, and they do not hurt your scalp and hair. Perfect for going to parties or banquetas as it be brings you a new hair style in seconds. All fashion inspiration and the latest trends can be found online at ANEWOW. They come in assorted shapes and sizes and are used for both fashion and practical or utilitarian purposes. Our hair hoops are fat with puff, which will help you to raise the facial golden ratio.


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