My Four Days of Joy Wrapped all ANEWOW!!!!

Finding power and strength through meditation and my ANEW headwrap.

My Four Days of Joy Wrapped all ANEW!!!!
First day of positivity!!! Day 1 of virtual learning!!!

Tuesday morning I awakened at 6am. I began to take down my braided and twisted hair. I wanted my wavy puffy locs to be free for my first day of virtual teaching. As I began to take down my hair I noticed that the formation of my hair was not to my liking.

I contemplated wetting my hair and adding leave-in conditioner since I knew that would partially give me the look I desired.

However, my daughter Bria had the house; what I would feel like is freezy cold from the central air. I told myself not to panic. I did not want the maintenance of my hair to put me in a bad mood.The night before, well actually since July, I have listened to meditation throughout my slumber to ensure that I awake with positive energy.

I closed my eyes, I took a deep breath in and I envisioned myself with the Anew Headwrap on. I smiled and retreated to my bedroom to retrieve the headwrap.

I will be honest. I previously tried to put on the headwrap numerous times and it always looked like I just had a bonnet sitting on the top of my head. I recently lost 20lbs and felt as if my entire body lost weight including my head. You can laugh now.

Therefore, I whined and cried to my husband that the headwrap was too big. Of course he told me to stop exaggerating and maybe find a video or to ask my daughter Miya to help.

I then remembered an Anew video I watched with a young lady sitting on the floor. She had her hair loose and flowing and pulled her hair up as if it was in a ponytail then put the headwrap on.

I chuckled and said to myself, “girl your hair was in braids that’s why the headwrap seemed so large.” I tried to put my hair in a ponytail and the soft rubber band broke. I did not panic. I just held my hair in a ponytail and put the bonnet part on. I began to wrap the long sides around my head. I then twisted the two pieces together. I was intrigued by the look I began to see. Applying the headwrap instantly added additional peace to my life.

How I wanted my hair to look

Fighting with natural hair can sometimes be a downer. I do not blow dry my hair and I would have been freezing with a wet head inside of air conditioning. With the headwrap on I instantly felt beautiful, powerful, and alive. You may wonder how a head wrap can make you feel so enlightened. I did some research and found out why I felt so glorious.

Evolution of Headwraps by Huffing Post is a an article I read. I feel you should look up the article it’s educational.

I was dressed for my first day and ready to meet my colleagues. When I saw Ms. Branch online she looked happy and beautiful. Then I realized that I should put on some lipstick too to add to my beauty. I went and got the only lipstick I own. 

I did not realize that the lipstick I added was powerful as well.

Today, 9/12/20 I began to type this story. I decided that I wanted to add a photo of the lipstick . Sure joy has rushed through my body as I discovered what was typed on the tube. The tube of lipstick has I am Brave, Resilient, and Fierce, written in gold.

I set myself up to have a great week without even realizing what I was doing. As I reflect I will admit that I also speak positive affirmations daily and meditate for positive energy.

YES! I’m thrilled to feel that it is MANIFESTING!!! The manifestation is happening right before my eyes.

Alright, back to the story. LOL

After checking in with my coworkers I decided to post a selfie on FB to help encourage myself and others.

My second day of working the first day is the cover lol

I did not realize so many people would comment and also send me great vibes on my new virtual teaching/learning experience.

One of my spicy girlfriends from work stated that she loved the red lips. I really felt great because if Ms. Berry compliments makeup; it must really look hot because she doesn’t pump people for sheer reasons.

For the most part, I will say that my first four days of teaching went very well.

I did have a hiccup on Thursday evening. A student wrote derogatory comments about me in our all class chat in zoom. The old Mecca would have had a fit, sent the screenshot to the union, and I would have called off of work the next day to reevaluate my teaching career. Yes, I am a dramatic teacher because I am an emotionally involved educator. I work for the school district that raised me. I literally left a higher paid district because my heart tugged at me to go and give back to my community. Despite my moment of hurt and disgust from his harsh words, I decided to go with my inner positive self.

Of course the 8th grade team filled me up with positive comments and reported the incident to admin. The assistant principal actually called me and reassured me that he would be on a zoom call with me to discuss zoom expectations from students with his parents. Mr. Williams even called me the next day, and texted me after school to see how I was feeling. Many teachers are having a rough time being virtual. I wanted to be proactive and have a super positive attitude each morning and at the start of each class. I’m glad that I had already filled my bucket with positive energy.


Facebook post on Day Four!!!

To ensure that my students and I have a positive filled day, I actually start each class with a song and a greeting in the chat box.

Tuesday I started with Positive Energy Meditation music.

Wednesday I began class with “Ain't No Stopping Us Now” by Mcfadden and Whitehead.

Thursday I commenced to play “Happy” by Pharrell.

As I mentioned above in the chat I type:

Good Morning!!! We will have an awesome day. The students must respond back Good morning, with a positive statement as well.

I imparted to the students that even if they are not having a great day, they could hope for an awesome day. I trust positive energy, so it is my mission to share it with as many people that I can.

After I told my immediate family what happened and a couple friends I claimed that I would go in tomorrow stronger and gleaming. Once I affirmed my thoughts out loud , I heard “Children Hold on to Your Dreams” by Wee Gee in my heart.

In turn, I used the song to start Friday’s class each period. I told the students that on Friday’s I wanted to start my class with a fast upbeat song but I felt it necessary for this particular Friday to begin class with a motivational song.

Furthermore, I also had the students analyzing the song with a partner to ensure that they understood and believe that their dreams can come true, if they hold on and do the necessary steps to complete their dream. Everything I do in my class eventually connects to a learning goal or standard.

As I further reflect on my journey from last week's four days of learning, I understand why evil was present. It’s scripture and spiritual that wherever there is good evil is present.

However, I do not allow evil to win or allow it to take hold as a doormat in my life. I smiled right through the foolishness to continually blessing my students with my positive energy

You should do the same!!! Have a great week. I know I will!!

I send a special thank you to Anew for crowning my head with a satin wrap filled with love and protection. I’m sure the ancestors are proud!!!!

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