"How to keep my hair healthy?"... Customer Reviews 😍

With having natural hair, one of the things I depend on to keep my hair healthy, are protective styles.  It gives my hair a chance to relax from constant styling, which can cause breakage, product buildup and dryness.  Anewow is a great company that offers satin-lined headwraps, headband-wigs, and more...  It also offers the option to look cute on the go!

More about their headwraps - "What's one of the most essential tools for retaining length and moisture in your hair? Satin. Traditional Headwraps can cause friction and dry out your hair. Our wraps Protect your hair by covering your strands in high quality, luxurious satin. Every single wrap is handmade by specially trained artisans right here in the US. Every seam is carefully constructed, and every knot is tied by hand. Your piece is ALWAYS an original work of art."

African Print Head Wrap With Satin-Lined

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